Wondering if your horse ? has put on weight or lost weight ? over the winter months.
Then why not try out the Cobbs free mobile weigh bridge service?

  • Find out if your horse is over weight
  • Keep track of seasonal weight changes
  • Monitor your horses health
  • Dose medications correctly
  • Monitor growth in young horses
  • Monitor and track weight – Notice recurring patterns and possible health problems

Many owners (and even veterinarians!) think they are good at guessing a horse weight just by looking at the horse. This is not the case, and even the most “experienced” weight guessers are often off by at least 200 pounds. In some cases, 200 pounds is not a big deal. However, if you are dosing a very potent medication to a horse that is 500 pounds, and you (or your vet) guess him to be 750 pounds, he is getting an extra half dose of the medication!

Yard visits are available for 3+ horses or bring your horse along for an on-site weighing we have plenty of yard space for lorry’s or trailer parking. FOR FREE

Appointments must be booked in advance, in store or via telephone on 01777 228260.