///Free Dog Weighing Service

Free Dog Weighing Service

Not sure of your dogs weight bring your dog into store and we will weigh it.

  • Monitor weight loss
  • Dose medicines, wormers & flea treatments correctly
  • Monitor growth in puppies
  • Measure the correct feed based on weight
  • Monitor health conditions
  • For showing
  • If visits to the vet for weigh-ins are stressful for your dog or difficult for you to schedule

Tips for weighing

  • Always weigh your dog at the same time of the day.
  • Weigh your dog on an empty stomach – before they are fed or have a large drink.
  • Weigh your dog after they have had a chance to urinate/defecate.
  • Ensure your dog is dry when you weigh them.
  • If your dog is wearing a collar- ensure it is the same one worn at each weigh-in.
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