Animal Feeds and Bedding

Cobbs Country Store provides over 100 horse feeds making it the biggest farm store in the area.

We also supply feed for cattle, pig, sheep, goat, chickens and ducks, rabbits, mice, gerbils, cats, hamsters, chinchillas, budgies and other birds. Dead day-old chicks can be bought as feed for ferrets, birds of prey and snakes.

Feed for horses are supplied by
Allen and Page,
GLW Feeds
Dodson and Horrell,
Super Molichop.
Speedi Beet,
Sugar Beet
Stance equine copra meal
Small Holder Feeds
and much more.

A range of animal health products are also available including by Panacur, Eqvalan, Furexel and Strongid – everything to keep your pet in top condition.

We also supply Rape straw animal bedding, hay and straw, Cobbs own Small Flake shavings – Elite Dream shavings – Wood pellet bedding